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November 15, 2017

3 Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Home


Buying a new puppy is a joyful and exciting time. Preparation is key before you bring your adorable new fur ball home. Puppies are energetic and curious creatures. They love to play and explore, so it is crucial that you puppy proof your home to keep your puppy safe and to protect your personal belongings. Our Atlanta pet sitting company offers three major tips for puppy proofing your home.

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Tip #1: Put Electrical Wires and Other Cords Away

Wires and other types of electrical cords are particularly attractive to puppies who will want to play with them and chew through them. This can be dangerous and will result in your puppy being seriously hurt if you are not careful. The best way to know whether or not a cord could be a risk for your puppy is to literally get on their level (on the floor) and see what kind of cords and wires are within reach.

Once you determine which wires and cords are a risk for your puppy, take the necessary steps to secure them and keep them out of the way. The best way to secure these items is to string them in a way that your puppy cannot reach them.

This is not always practical, so your next step should be to purchase cord protectors, which can be found online for low prices. Cord protectors are a type of tubing that you can string your electrical cords through. Using zip ties, and/or hooking and looping ties to furniture legs, is also a great way to keep cords less visible.

Tip #2: Keep Food and Medication Out of Reach

If you do not have a door to your kitchen to keep your puppy out, it is wise to purchase childproof locks for your cabinets. Sometimes cabinets that are close to the kitchen floor can be left ajar, which allows for access to food that can be harmful to your puppy’s sensitive stomach.

It is also best to avoid leaving food out on the kitchen counters and tables, or anywhere else your puppy could reach. If you must leave food on the counter or table, make sure to place it in an area that is very far from your puppy’s reach and not close to a chair or box that your puppy could use as a booster.

(Surprisingly, there are certain human foods that are good for dogs – but only in moderation, and with careful supervision. Visit our blog to find out what these foods are.)

Like foods and beverages, keeping medications out of your puppy’s reach is also very important. Any medication should be kept in very high cabinets, ideally with locks or latches, that are way out of your puppy’s reach.

Even when you try your best to puppy proof your home, it can be nerve-wracking to leave your puppy alone when you go out. Hiring an Atlanta dog sitter is an easy and convenient way to put your mind at easy while your puppy is still being trained and housebroken.

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Tip #3: Make the Best Use of Doors, Drawers, and Closets

This one is easier said than done, but another important part of puppy proofing your home is putting clothes, toys, and any other items that can be stored, safely away in a drawer or closet. For example, puppies love to chew on shoes that are left on the floor, so make sure to store shoes in your closet. Also, a hamper than has an open top or can be easily knocked over should be stored in your closet to avoid giving your puppy the opportunity to chew through clothes.

If there are areas in your house that you simply cannot keep tidy on a regular basis, such as a child’s play room or an office that has papers everywhere, try your best to close and lock the doors to these rooms. Remember, small toys and games are a choking hazard for puppies. Puppies will also chew on erasers, paper clips, rubber bands, and other home office supplies if they have the chance, which is extremely dangerous.

If you are worried that you or a family member will forget to close doors on a regular basis, purchase dog gates or baby gates. These are not very costly, yet they are highly useful in closing off areas of your house that you would like to keep off limits. It’s better for your peace of mind, and much better for your pet’s safety.

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