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September 11, 2017

6 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Cool During the Summer in Atlanta


Summer is winding down in other parts of the country, but here in Atlanta, those hot days and high temperatures aren’t finished just yet. If you’re a pet owner, it’s important to make sure your cat or kitten has a comfortable environment when the weather gets nasty outside – especially if you work full-time and are away from home during the day. Our Atlanta pet sitting company offers up six simple tips on keeping your kitty comfortably cool during the hot southern summer.

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What is the Ideal Temperature for a Cat?

Though slight variations are normal, a typical temperature for humans is about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). Cats have a slightly higher internal body temperature.

A normal temperature for a healthy adult cat ranges from about 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit (about 38 degrees Celsius) to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (about 39.2 degrees Celsius). The average is about 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit (about 38.6 degrees Celsius): equivalent to your temperature when you’re running a fever.

Kittens start life at a slightly lower temperature – about 97 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 36.1 degrees Celsius) – which gradually increases as they mature. Next time you pat your kitty’s head, pay attention to how warm those soft ears feel!

Even though cats run slightly hotter than their owners, and are therefore capable of tolerating more heat than most people, there are obviously still limits on what’s considered safe and healthy. To keep your cat in an ideal comfort zone as we ride out the rest of the hot Atlanta summer, follow the six easy tips below.

Remember: always consult with your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns, no matter how minor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and you might learn some handy information in the process.

6 Ways to Cool Down Your Cat During Summer

Since cats run slightly hotter than humans, they tend to be less susceptible to heat. However, cats can still overheat if their environment is too warm – especially if they’re kittens, seniors, or have chronic health problems. If your cat is very young, very elderly, or has a health issue, you should take special care to ensure that your home, apartment, or condo is comfortable. Here are six tips on how.

  1. Make sure your apartment gets plenty of fresh air and circulation. If you know there are rooms or hallways that get a little muggy and stale, consider placing fans strategically.
  2. Another tip is to put something cold in front of your fan, like a frozen water bottle or frozen package of vegetables. This can help your fan blow cooler air, which is especially handy if you don’t have central air or an air conditioning unit.
  3. Always make sure your cat has plenty of fresh, cool water. Even if you only set out food at certain times of day, your cat still needs to have around-the-clock access to drinking water. You can even add a few ice cubes to the water for extra refreshment.
  4. Groom your cat more often in the summertime. Many cats tend to shed more during the summer, and removing that extra fur can help keep them cooler and cleaner.
  5. Everyone loves a bright, sunny living space – but too much sunlight can be dangerous. Make sure your cat has a dark, shady spot to escape from the hot rays of the sun. You can leave the shades drawn in a certain room to help create a dimmer, cooler refuge from other rooms in your house or apartment.
  6. Before you leave for work or errands, always double-check to make sure your cat won’t be trapped somewhere hot, like inside of a garage or stuffy attic. Even the healthiest of cats can overheat in a matter of minutes.

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Cat Overheating Symptoms (Hyperthermia)

Hopefully, you’ll never encounter a situation where your cat becomes overheated. However, in case of emergency, it’s important that you’re able to recognize the warning signs your cat is overheating, a condition called “hyperthermia” (above-normal body temperature). “Heat stroke,” a life-threatening medical emergency that can be fatal to your cat, can occur if hyperthermia is not immediately treated. Warning signs your cat is too hot include:

  • Drooling
  • High Temperature
  • Panting/Rapid Breathing
  • Rapid Pulse
  • Staggering
  • Vomiting

If you notice any of these symptoms, you need to take action immediately. Move the cat into a cooler environment right away, like a shaded area of your home, and soak the cat with cool water. If conscious, make sure that water is available for the cat to drink. Call a vet right away. When it comes to heat stroke and hyperthermia, one or two minutes can make the difference between life and death.

Atlanta, GA In-Home Cat Sitters Are Available

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