Critter Sitter Careers

You may have what it takes to be a Critter Sitter if you love animals, are organized, reliable, flexible, and have a good streak of common sense.

But be warned that Critter Sitting is a calling and a long-term career commitment. It's not just a job and a paycheck!


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The benefits are many and real

You’ll be truly appreciated by owners and their pets. You’ll enjoy that unconditional love that pets give caregivers. You’ll set your own schedule, build independence, and stay far away from corporate cubicles as you build your own client base. Sitters who have worked several years to establish their businesses can do very well financially.

“I love this work. I can’t imagine a different career now.”

The demands are high too

Critter Sitters don’t get holidays off. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring Break—that’s when business is booming, and every Critter Sitter is on deck. Weekends are also a high-traffic time. Some Sitters work part of every day of the year! You’ll need to be quick to respond to your clients when they call or text. Your sense of responsibility has to be high, your skills honed. You need to be very, very organized, with incredible follow-through. And be warned that it can take a few years before Critter Sitting can support you full time, if that’s your goal.

Think you have what it takes?

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