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August 2, 2017

How Long Can You Leave a Dog Home Alone in Atlanta, GA?


When you’re leaving home for a week or two, you know you need to hire a pet sitter in Atlanta. But what about shorter trips that only last for a few days? Do you need to hire a dog sitter if you’ll only be gone for a weekend or so? How long can you leave a dog alone without it becoming dangerous? Keep reading to find out.

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What’s the Longest You Can Leave a Dog Alone Safely?

Obviously, every dog is different. Some dogs have stronger bladders than others. Some dogs spend more time sleeping than others. Some dogs are more prone to anxiety or boredom than others, which can lead to destructive behaviors like tearing up the couch or chewing on the furniture. Since every dog possesses different traits, the answer to this question depends partially on your dog’s personality.

That being said, there are still a few common-sense precautions you should keep in mind whenever you’re leaving Atlanta and can’t bring Fido with you. For example, here’s a classic scenario: you’re leaving on Friday night and will be back on Monday. Is it okay to leave your dog at home alone for the weekend? After all, it’s just a few days, right?

Our answer is no, for a few reasons. 

First of all, dogs need social interaction to stimulate their brains and help keep them occupied. Leaving toys around the house helps, but it’s not a perfect substitute for human interaction and attention.

Second, a lot can go wrong in 48 hours or even 24 hours. We’re not talking about unlikely calamities like floods or electrical fires, either. Something as simple as a malfunctioning air conditioner or a knocked-over water dish could place your dog in serious jeopardy of dehydration or heatstroke – especially during our sweltering Atlanta summers.

Plus, you never know when your dog will come down with a virus, get bitten by a household pest, or step on something sharp. If your dog accidentally gets hurt around the house, it’s vital to get veterinary care as soon as possible. If you leave your dog alone without hiring a pet sitter in Alpharetta, you have no way of knowing what condition your dog is in while you’re away. That means an injury could go undetected for days, increasing the risk of death or permanent damage.

Finally, an adult dog can only hold his bladder for about eight hours at maximum, give or take a few hours depending on the dog’s age and health. For puppies (and senior dogs), this period is shorter: about one hour for every month of the puppy’s life. For example, a five-month-old puppy would need a bathroom break roughly once every five to six hours.

Theoretically, you could leave urine-absorbing puppy pads around your house – but unless you do an amazing job of scouring your floors afterwards, your dog is likely to continue urinating in the same spots. Unless every trace of odor is removed, your dog will think that’s where he’s supposed to pee. Needless to say, that’s not a habit you want to encourage – especially not if your dog is still in the impressionable puppy stages.

Not only that, it’s very unhealthy and unsanitary to have dog feces sitting around your house, even if it’s only for a day or so. It increases the risk of your dog (or someone else in your family) getting sick.

The bottom line? When you leave a dog alone for more than 10 or 12 hours, there’s an increased risk that your dog will tear up your house, have an accident on the rug, or at worst, get sick or injured. If you’re leaving for longer than 10 to 12 hours, you should hire a pet sitter to check in on Fido.

If there’s ever an emergency, a visit from the pet sitter could save your dog’s life. Besides – wouldn’t you prefer to come back to a house that doesn’t smell like dog urine? We thought so, too.

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What Does it Cost to Hire a Pet Sitter in Atlanta, GA?

Are you trying to avoid hiring a dog sitter because you’re worried about the cost? Don’t be. With our low rates, Critter Sitters makes in-home pet sitting affordable for pet owners on every budget. Luxury service doesn’t have to come with a luxury price tag!

We only charge $19 for the first dog. Each dog sitting session lasts anywhere from about 20 to 30 minutes. Each session includes a walk, so your dog has a chance to get that much-needed potty break. We’ll also water your plants, take in your mail, and turn your lights on and off.

There are also huge discounts for dog owners with multiple pets. After the first dog, it’s only $3 for each additional dog, which adds up to massive savings. If you need to hire a pet sitter for multiple dogs in Atlanta, look no further for great deals on flexible, dependable service.

Find an In-Home Dog Sitter Near Me

Before you head out on that weekend trip, hire a dog sitter to keep your pet safe! Critter Sitters has over 40 years of experience providing in-home pet care for tens of thousands of cats and dogs. Our veterinarian-recommended team of pet sitters includes:

For a free consultation about hiring a dog sitter or dog walker near you, call Critter Sitters today at (404) 973-2541. We take care of cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, birds, lizards, frogs, snakes, and horses, too!