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You can’t always predict where your job or social life will take you – but you can rely on the dedicated pet care professionals at Critter Sitters to watch your dog when the unexpected strikes.  Whether you need our Dunwoody dog sitting services for an hour, a day, a week, or more, we’ll be there to keep your best friend company and cater to their every need.

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We understand you have plenty of options to consider when it comes to choosing a dog sitting company in Dunwoody, Georgia.  So what are the advantages of selecting Critter Sitters over our competitors?

  • Convenient, flexible hours. Whether you need dog sitting during the morning, afternoon, or evening, our dedicated staffers are on standby to provide expert pet care virtually around the clock. 
  • Last-minute scheduling availability. We are almost always able to accommodate clients with last-minute booking requests.  If you decide to become a “Key Client,” we’ll keep a secure, anonymized copy of your house key for convenient, stress-free access on short notice.
  • Free one-on-one pet care consultations. Every dog has a different temperament, diet, and set of health needs.  What’s great for one animal could be disastrous for another.  We want to ensure that every dog gets top-notch care, which is why we will sit down with you in a free  consultation to go over your dog’s care requirements in detail. 
  • Simple, affordable pricing. Some pet sitters charge an arm and a leg, often in exchange for poor quality services that don’t take each dog’s personal needs into consideration.  At Critter Sitters, we follow the opposite model: affordable pricing, with no hidden fees, for top-rated pet care.
  • Hundreds of veterinary and client testimonials. When eight trusted veterinary offices and hundreds of happy clients have given you glowing feedback (and repeat business), you know you’re doing something right.  With Critter Sitters, you can feel confident your dog is always in good hands.

Whether you’re ready to make an appointment or still have a few questions you’d like answered first, we provide fast turnaround with calls returned by the following morning, even on weekends.  Just call Critter Sitters at (404) 377-5475 to get started.

Benefits of Home Visits Over Boarding Your Pet at a Kennel

When you’re about to go away on a vacation or business trip, you have an important decision to make: you can board your dog at a kennel, or you can hire a pet sitter to come out to your home in Dunwoody.  At Critter Sitters, we are strong believers that pet sitting is the superior option, for at least three reasons:

  • Boarding at a kennel can make your dog sick. Kennels cram lots of animals into a relatively small space, which makes it very easy for harmful or even deadly health conditions to jump from dog to dog – quite literally, in the case of fleas.  Other health concerns associated with kennel boarding include distemper, the flu, heartworm, intestinal parasites, and parvovirus (“parvo”), which can be deadly.  There’s a reason “kennel cough” exists but “dog sitting cough” doesn’t. 
  • Dog sitting is more economical than kennel boarding. Two daily visits cost roughly the same as boarding, with the added benefit of keeping your dog in their own environment without any stressors or disease hazards.
  • There are no stressful transportation arrangements to worry about. Traveling to drop off or pick up a dog can be inconvenient, especially if you own a large breed or if your dog has trouble getting in and out of your vehicle due to age or joint problems.  When you choose pet sitting over boarding, there are no travel hassles (or gas costs) to worry about.

Of course, no one can make decisions about your dog’s care arrangements for you; but for all of these reasons, we always encourage dog owners to consider choosing sitting over boarding.  If you still need help making a decision, we’re more than happy to go over any questions or concerns you might have during your free consultation.

Dog Sitting Services Critter Sitters Offers: Rates and Pricing

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Each dog sitting session with Critter Sitters’ pet care professionals ranges from 20 to 30 minutes long.  Unless you specify otherwise, we will play with and walk your dog during each visit.  That way, you don’t have to worry about your pet having an accident, and your dog is sure to get fresh air and exercise.

For a single animal, one 20- to 30-minute dog sitting session costs just $19.  Have two or more dogs in your household?  Don’t worry: instead of doubling the price, we only charge another $3 per dog, which makes us the perfect option for dog owners with multiple furry friends.  If you have more than one animal, here’s how our price rate breaks down:

  • 2 Dogs – $22 ($19 plus $3)
  • 3 Dogs – $25 ($19 plus $6)
  • 4 Dogs – $28 ($19 plus $9)

Our Dunwoody, Georgia Dog Sitters are Here to Help

Whenever you’re ready to book an appointment, or simply learn more about the services we offer, just give us a call any time at (404) 377-5475, including nights and weekends.  You’ll be connected with Carol, our Manager of Customer Relations, who can help get you started with all of the information you need.  If we miss you, we’ll return your call by the next morning at the latest.

Use the easy calculator to figure out your own costs. It's very reasonable for 1 pet, and a real bargain for 2 or more!
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