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When life puts a bump in your schedule, finding a pet sitter can be a nightmare — but it doesn’t have to be that way.  With our flexible scheduling, years of experience, affordable rates, and last-minute availability, Critter Sitters makes getting great dog care in Georgia easy.

Our dedicated team of professional Suwanee dog sitters is dedicated to providing high quality care for breeds of all types and sizes, including Labs, Pit Bulls, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Corgis, Great Danes, Dachshunds, Huskies, Bulldogs, Poodles, Spaniels, and more. With over 35 years of experience caring for tens of thousands of pets in Suwanee and locations across Georgia, we’ve earned a reputation for being trustworthy, reliable, and committed.

Find out why Critter Sitters is one of the largest and most popular dog care companies in Georgia.  Give us a call at (404) 973-2541 to schedule a free consultation today.

How Much Does Critter Sitters Charge for Each Pet Sitting Session?

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At Critter Sitters, we provide maximum service at minimum cost.  Each session is just $19 for a household with one dog, and we typically recommend at least two sessions per day that you’ll be out of town.  Three to four daily sessions may be necessary for a puppy or senior dog with special health needs, which is just one of the details we’ll talk about during your free consultation.

In addition to playing with your dog, taking care of food and water, and taking your dog for a walk, each 20- to 30-minute dog sitting session includes free bonus services like:

  • Watering your houseplants.
  • Turning your lights on and off.
  • Bringing your mail inside.

If you have more than one pet, you’ll enjoy huge discounts that save you money.  Critter Sitters charges only $3 extra for each additional dog, and just $2 for each cat or other pet you own, like birds, reptiles, lizards, or fish. 

For quick reference, here are a few examples of how our affordable rates break down by type and number of pets in your household:

  • 1 Session, 1 Dog — $19
  • 1 Session, 2 Dogs — $22
  • 1 Session, 1 Dog, 1 Cat — $24
  • 2 Sessions, 1 Dog — $38
  • 2 Sessions, 2 Dogs — $41
  • 2 Sessions, 1 Dog, 1 Cat — $43

Don’t see your arrangement on the list above?  No problem — you can use the pricing calculator feature on our “Services & Rates” page to see exactly what you would pay.  Simply plug in your total number of pets, the total number of sessions you need to book, select what type of service you need, and the calculator will figure out the rest.

Why Choose In-Home Pet Care Instead of Boarding Your Dog or Puppy?

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Two daily visits from the dedicated team at Critter Sitters costs about the same as a single day at a dog boarding facility like a kennel.  For about the same price, in-home pet sitting has a few major advantages over boarding.  Simply by choosing a pet sitter instead of a kennel, you can:

  • Reduce the risk of your dog getting sick. Even at the most spacious dog boarding services, there are many animals bunched into a single facility.  Under those conditions, it’s easy for illnesses, infections, parasites, and skin conditions to spread.  If even one dog at the boarder has fleas, it’s only a matter of time before everyone is scratching — and fleas aren’t the worst hazard, either.  Serious, potentially deadly conditions like parvovirus and canine distemper are highly contagious.
  • Make last-minute arrangements with ease. Dog boarders often have tight waiting lists and rigid scheduling requirements.  That can make boarding inconvenient, especially around major holidays.  With Critter Sitters, you’re only a quick text or phone call away from scheduling a session, especially if you choose to take advantage of our “Key Client” feature.  We’re available nearly around the clock, even on short notice.
  • Eliminate the stress and inconvenience of dog transportation. After a long day of travel, all you want to do is collapse on your couch.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog was already waiting for you at home, instead of needing to be picked up from the kennel?
  • Ensure quality, one-on-one care. Doesn’t getting personalized care from a knowledgeable pet sitter sound better than sending your dog away to a crowded, noisy boarding facility, where the employees might be inexperienced or understaffed?  

Book an Experienced Professional Dog Sitter in Suwanee, Georgia Today

If you’re searching for a caring, trustworthy, and experienced dog sitter in the Suwanee, Georgia area, look no further.  Critter Sitters has you covered, whenever you need us.  With endorsements earned from eight veterinary offices, rely on Critter Sitters for convenient pet sitting with an emphasis on canine health and safety.

To schedule an appointment with Critter Sitters, call us any time at (404) 973-2541.  You’ll be connected with Carol, our dedicated Manager of Customer Relations, who can answer all of your questions. 

All calls are returned within 24 hours at most, including weekends.  We work hard around the clock so that you don’t have to. 

Use the easy calculator to figure out your own costs. It's very reasonable for 1 pet, and a real bargain for 2 or more!
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