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December 19, 2016

Should I Rename My Dog?


You’ve always dreamed of having a Rover of your very own, but what if your new dog already has a name? Can you just change Reginald’s name to Spot because you feel like it?

Critter Sitter Elisa Price recently shared with us some tips about renaming your dog, which she learned from an animal advocate friend of hers in New York. Elisa says a client of hers rescued a senior pup from an abusive situation and asked her for advice, so she asked around.

Instances Where You Can Rename Your Dog

Elisa says you can rename a dog if she came from a shelter, if you adopted her from an abusive home or if your dog learned to ignore her name in her previous situation. If you’re not in one of those situations, avoid it.

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Make sure you take your time. One of the best ways to introduce a new name is to combine it with the old name, then slowly shift to using only the new name, dropping the old one. Remember, it’s not going to happen overnight, so be slow and patient. Using the new name with love and consistency should eventually help it take root. Adding some treats should help it stick, too. Try not to scold your pup with her new name, at least not until she knows it’s hers. Positivity is a recipe for success.

As far as what name to pick, if it starts with the same letter as the old name, or sounds similar, you’ll have better luck. And a name that sounds like “no” is probably a no-no.

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Experts say the older the dog, the less of a chance you’ll have of renaming successfully, but every animal is different. Just like humans, some of them are more receptive to change, while others fight it every step of the way. Listen to your pet’s needs, even though she can’t talk, and you’ll find the right solution for the two of you.

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