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August 21, 2017

5 Surprising Foods That Are Good for Dogs


Dogs process food in a very different way than humans do. Their complex metabolic process consists of ingesting, processing, and converting the digested food into energy. They do not tolerate every kind of food we consume. Therefore, you have to be cautious with the kinds of treats you give your furry friend. Always be on the lookout for food that is not only safe, but beneficial to your dog’s health. Our Atlanta pet sitting company counts down five surprising foods you didn’t know were healthy for dogs to eat (in moderation).

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5 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Safe to Feed Your Dog

Dogs are more than just pets; they are family. As a dog lover, it is only natural that you want the very best for your trusty companion. That includes giving them the best food. At some point you might be tempted to share your favorite snack with your furry buddy, because why not? You love your dog! But is the food you like healthy for your dog? Is every food you eat safe for your dog to eat? You may have doubts about the best food to give to your pet, but have no idea on where to start.

Not every food we eat is safe for dogs. Being aware of this simple fact can help you greatly in properly choosing the right treat for your dog.

For instance, chocolate is a delicious candy many people love. However, it contains xylitol, a sugar alcohol used as a kind of sweetener. This represents a potential harm to your dog’s health and safety if consumed.

While there are foods you should never feed your dog due to their harmful content, there are also some types of food we consume that are good for your pet. We offer five surprising foods that are good for your dog when given in moderation, provided your dog doesn’t have any underlying health issues.

#1: Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a very delicious food, jam-packed with proteins and nutrients that are great for your dog, such as vitamin B. However, you should always be aware of all the ingredients contained in the different types of peanut butter available in the market. Not every kind of peanut butter is safe for your dog to eat. You should always go for unsalted peanut butter and avoid those containing sugar substitutes such as xylitol, which can be extremely toxic and life-threatening to your dog.

#2: Yogurt

Yogurt can provide good benefits for your dog. It is a good source of calcium and probiotics that can help your dog’s digestive system. However, you should avoid choosing yogurts containing added sugars or artificial sweeteners, which can be dangerous for your pet. Nonfat plain yogurt should be the best option to give to your dog as a healthy and rewarding treat.

#3: Eggs

Dogs can also eat eggs. These contain nutritional benefits like protein, essential fatty acids, and amino acids that your pet needs as part of their diet. However, it is important to give them unsalted, fully cooked eggs. Giving them raw eggs can negatively impact your dog’s metabolism and digestion, causing unnecessary health problems.

#4: Sweet Potato

Fiber is important in your dog’s diet. Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber and also offer many other benefits, like Vitamin B, which is necessary to keep your furry friend’s health in check. You should always make sure to steam or boil sweet potatoes before feeding them to your dog. Try not to give them large quantities, as this should be more of a treat rather than a complete meal and giving them too much can cause problems to your dog.

#5: Apples

In general terms, apples are not bad for your dog. What you should be cautious about are the seeds in the apple itself, as they contain a form of cyanide, detrimental to your dog’s overall health. Treating your dog with apple in moderate quantities is also important. Moderation and caution is key whenever you treat your dog this delicious and refreshing fruit.

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Let’s face it, resisting that tender look from those big loving doggy eyes is a very hard thing to do. Luckily, you don’t have to put up a strong fight against their adorable gaze if you are aware of the kinds of food you can give to them.

As stated before, moderation and caution are important whenever you give food to your dog. Remember, a treat does not substitute a dog’s complete meal. It rather compliments their overall diet, giving it a delicious extra boost. If you have any kind of doubts regarding the food you can give to your pet, call a veterinarian to make sure you are giving your loving and caring pooch safe and healthy food.

You should consider your options whenever you face difficulties in tending your dog. Our Alpharetta dog sitting company can help you by taking care of your pet needs. From walking, to feeding your precious pet, we will make sure to lend a helping and caring hand whenever you are unable to. Your initial consultation is free! Call Critter Sitters today at (404) 973-2541 to learn more about hiring a dog sitter in the Atlanta area.