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Have you ever found yourself turning down an invite, because you couldn’t find a cat sitter on short notice?  Or have you ever had to cancel plans with someone at the last minute, because the person who was supposed to watch your cat backed out at the last second?  With Critter Sitters in your phone contacts, you’ll never have to worry about making pet sitting arrangements for your cat or kitten again.  

Since the day we opened for business back in the 1970s, Critter Sitters has grown into one of the largest and most reputable pet sitting services in Georgia.  Residents of Alpharetta know that we are dependable, reliable, and trustworthy, which is why they turn to us whenever they need top-quality cat care.  Come and find out for yourself why we are Alpharetta’s favorite cat sitting service.  Call us today at (404) 973-2541 to set up a consultation.  We’re looking forward to meeting you and your fluffy friend! 

Why Choose Critter Sitters for Professional Pet Care in Alpharetta, GA?

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There are many benefits to hiring a pet sitter instead of sending your cat to a boarding facility.  Boarding facilities crowd cats together, which increases the risk that your kitty will catch fleas, worms, or a contagious feline disease.  It also places stress on the animal, which can be bad for their health.  Not only is it tough on your kitty, boarding can also be tough on your wallet, especially if you need to make a last-minute arrangement or schedule cat boarding around the holidays.   

By hiring a pet sitter to come to your home, you and your cat can avoid all of these issues.  Your cat gets to stay in a cozy environment, there’s no risk of disease or fighting, and no need to transport your cat back and forth.  Plus, in-home care is about the same cost as boarding, and for some clients, actually works out to be more affordable.  

But why should you choose Critter Sitters to handle the job?  Here are just a few of the perks and advantages our clients (and their pets) get to enjoy:   

  • We have an extremely flexible schedule for virtually around-the-clock availability.  
  • We charge some of the most competitive rates around.  
  • We’ve earned positive testimonials from eight veterinary offices and hundreds of satisfied clients.  
  • We have experience taking care of senior cats, kittens, and pets with special needs.  
  • We don’t wear uniforms, so no one knows you’re away from home.  
  • We offer a special “Key Client” feature that allows us to drop by on a moment’s notice.  
  • We offer extra services, like watering your plants and turning your lights on and off, at no extra cost.  
  • We take care of more than 60,000 pets every year, so you know that we’re trustworthy and prepared for anything.  

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Kitten or Cat Sitter?  

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Critter Sitters charges low rates that make it easy to hire top-quality cat sitters, even if you’re on a budget.  We charge just $19 for each pet sitting session, which lasts from about 20 to 30 minutes.  It’s only $2 more for each additional cat, so if you have multiple cats or kittens, you’ll get the benefit of huge savings.  

If your cat is social and loves people, we’ll give them plenty of affection and play time.  If your cat is a little shy and tends to hide when people come over, we’ll be sure to check on them.  We’ll also: 

  • Clean out the litterbox.  
  • Feed your cat according to your instructions.  
  • Make sure your cat has access to fresh, clean water.  
  • Give your cat their medication, where applicable.  

We don’t want you to worry about how your cat is doing while you’re gone, so we’re happy to send you updates via your preferred method of communication, whether that’s texting, emails, or phone calls.  Your peace of mind is important to us.   

Contact Our Alpharetta Cat Sitting Company to Schedule an Appointment 

If you need to hire a cat sitter in Alpharetta at the last minute, look no further.  Thanks to our committed and dedicated team of more than 100 cat care experts, Critter Sitters is able to accommodate nearly every scheduling request, even if it’s on short notice.   

We’re proud to serve neighborhoods throughout the city of Alpharetta, morning, noon, and night.  We’re so dedicated to cat care, we’ve even worked during rough Georgia floods!  We take our commitments seriously, and when we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there.  

Whether you’re ready to book a sitter today, or simply have a few questions about the kitten care services we provide for Alpharetta residents, don’t be shy about getting in touch.  Carol, our Manager of Customer Relations, will schedule you for an appointment and supply all the information you need.  To learn more about how Critter Sitters can help, call our offices at (404) 973-2541 today.  

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