Atlanta Reptile Sitters

Reptiles may not be as popular as cats and dogs, but our Atlanta pet sitters offer pet sitting services for all kinds of animals. While you may not need to take your snake or lizard for a walk, it still needs care. If you’re at work or out of town, you may not be able to provide as much care as you want. That’s where our Atlanta reptile sitters come in.

Our Sitters handle all kinds of pets, and can help with feedings, hygiene, and environmental care. Many reptile tanks take some time to get the temperature and environment just right, and moving your snake or lizard to a pet boarding facility might be difficult. For consistent pet care right in your own home, consider hiring Critter Sitters to care for your pet reptile during your next trip or while you’re at work. Call our office today at 404-973-2541 to learn more or start scheduling your pet sitting.

Lizard Sitters in Atlanta

Pet Lizard, Turtle, and Snake Care

Lizards and snakes require a lot of hands-on care. Even feeding time is not often as simple as putting out a bowl of food or sprinkling some fish flakes. To keep your pet reptile healthy, you may need to spend some time feeding them, keeping them clean, and making sure their tank or environment is tuned to their needs.

Many larger lizards, especially snakes, need either live or somewhat fresh food. This means having a stock of insects or mice to feed your pet reptile. This feeding process may be gross to a lot of friends or family you could ask to stop by and feed your pet while you’re not home. But for our Sitters, we know it’s just meal time. The process of putting live insects into the tank, thawing or heating frozen mice, or giving your pet live mice might be time-consuming. If you want these feedings done when you’re out of town or stuck at work, our Sitters can handle it.

Hygiene is one of the most important aspects of lizard, turtle, and snake care. Reptiles are prone to having feces and bacteria build up in their tanks, which can be a serious health risk. In the wild, they have room to move away from these hazards, but in a tank or cage they need their owners to help them stay clean. Cleaning a lizard tank can be a time-consuming struggle for those who don’t have experience or don’t know what they’re doing. If you’re going away on a long trip, you may be able to leave your pet food and water, but you can’t clean their tank or cage while you’re away. This may be one of our most important services we offer as pet sitters.

Snake Sitters in Atlanta

Many people board their snakes or lizards when they go away – but that’s not the only option. Our Sitters can come right to your house when you’re gone and help take care of your scaly friends right in their home. This means you don’t need to switch tanks, take them to a new environment, or deprive them of their favorite spots in their tank while you’re away. Especially for sensitive reptiles or those who are sick, molting, or very young or old, staying in their usual environment may be better than going to a reptile boarding facility.

In-Home Reptile Sitting Services

Our Sitters come directly to you and your pet for sitting. There’s never any need to take your lizard, gecko, snake, iguana, or other reptiles away from their home if you’re going on a trip. At Critter Sitters, we also offer “Key Client” services, so your sitter can be on-call when you need them.

Just like humans, your pets can get stressed out. Some pets are better than others, but this varies from species to species and animal to animal. If your snake rarely comes out from under their favorite rock, it might be a huge stressor to take that snake to boarding, or even to move them while you clean the tank. Our Sitters can help reduce this stress – for you and your pet – by providing pet sitting services in your own home.

If you have multiple pets, we can take care of them all in one place. While most pet boarding is divided by species, we can care for dogs, cats, and even fish, amphibians, and reptiles, all in your home. We’ll even water your plants or take in your mail while we’re there – just ask!

If you become a Key Client, you can leave a key with your Sitter for emergencies. That means that if you get held up at work, stuck in traffic, or delayed at the airport, you can call our Sitter to come out for an extra visit. That way, your pet doesn’t miss a feeding and you don’t have to worry about leaving them alone a little longer.

Caring for Your Reptiles When You’re Not Home

At Critter Sitters, we want to help you while you’re at work or on vacation, and keep your pet stay happy and healthy when you can’t be there. If you’re interested in our services, call our office today to set up a meeting with one of our Sitters or to start scheduling services. Our number is 404-973-2541.

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