Atlanta Senior Dog Sitter

Caring for an elderly or aging dog can be a significant challenge, especially for dog owners who work all day or have obligations outside the house. While your dog may have been content during the day when he or she was younger, your senior dog may now need more help getting around the house, feeding itself, going to the bathroom, or taking medication.

If you need a pet sitter or dog walker for your elderly dog, trust the Atlanta dog sitters at Critter Sitters. Our Sitters work to care for dogs of all shapes and sizes – and ages. Additional care like helping your pet around the house, administering medication, or cleaning up after elderly pets is all part of what we do at Critter Sitters, and doesn’t require any additional costs or fees. To set up a free get-to-know-you call or meeting, call us today at (404) 973-2541.

Elderly Dog Care and Pet-Sitting

If you are going on vacation or working all day, you may be stressed or worried about leaving your dog home alone. Especially with older pets, owners recognize they need extra care and attention. Leaving your old friend at home may not be as simple as it used to be if your dog needs extra care, specific feeding times, medication, or help getting around the house.

Many older dogs have trouble letting you know they need to use the bathroom, or simply have issues getting up and going outside. Our pet sitters are available for multiple visits throughout the day, and can help your dog when you’re not around. Special needs like cleaning up accidents is all part of our care at Critter Sitters.

Many older dogs are on special diets. Many of these elderly pets have had health problems or need special diets as part of their proactive care. Many of these diets mean feeding at specific times, or early feeding and access to plenty of water for salty or dry diets. Our Sitter can be scheduled for multiple visits throughout the day to ensure your dogs get what they need when they need it.

Atlanta, Georgia Pet Sitting for Old Dogs

Pet medication is important for many senior dogs. If your pet receives shots at home, oral medication, or other medication, our sitters can administer these meds while you’re at work. Many of these drugs require specific timing, or should be taken with food. Our Sitters can also be available for emergency calls, so if you forget to give your dog their medicine before going to work, we can swing by and do it for you.

Older dogs often have arthritis, just like humans. This may make it hard to get out and go to the bathroom, hard to move around and get exercise, and may make them grumpy. Our Sitters often deal with special needs dogs, and have no problem lifting or carrying your pets, helping them through light exercise, or encouraging walks.

On-Call Pet Sitting for Elderly Dogs

One of the best things about our Critter Sitters care is the benefits of becoming a Key Client. Our Key Clients leave a housekey with their Sitter, who can swing-by on short notice when needed. With either a call or text, our sitters can come by your house. This means if you’re out longer than you thought you’d be, get stuck at the office, or your flight gets delayed, we can be there for your pet.

This is especially good for elderly dog care. If you forget your dog’s medicine in the morning, we can swing by for an extra visit – or earlier visit – to make sure your pet gets their meds. If you forget to feed them their specialized diet, our sitters can similarly come by to make sure they get the right food at the right time of day.

While you may be able to leave a younger dog for longer stretches, making sure you get home in time to care for your older dog can be stressful. If you run into delays at the office, heavy traffic, or unexpected social invites, we can be there for your pet. There’s no need to let caring for your elderly dog guilt you into rushing home. Instead, you can call or text your sitter for an extra visit, and keep yourself and your pet happy.

Atlanta, Georgia Elderly Dog Sitting Service

Whether you need daily pet sitting or walking, at-home pet sitting, or specific pet sitting services for older dogs, Critter Sitters can help. For more information and a free consultation with one of our pet sitters, call today. Care for special needs pets, as well as other services like plant watering, are all included in our services. Call (404) 973-2541 today to schedule your pet-sitting needs in Atlanta.

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