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All dogs need daily walks to stay happy, healthy, and fit – even when their owners are away.  If you’re leaving your home in Buckhead for a vacation, a business dinner, a family event, or any other occasion, you need to make sure your dog will be in reliable hands.  Count on Critter Sitters to pick up the leash whenever your schedule takes you away from Buckhead.  We’ve been walking dogs professionally since the 1970s, so you can feel confident your dog will be walked by a caring, dedicated expert with extensive pet care experience.  

We invite you to discover for yourself why Critter Sitters has grown into the oldest and largest pet care company in Georgia.  Join the thousands of happy clients we’ve had the privilege of serving over the years, and give us a call today at (404) 973-2541.

Why Choose Critter Sitters to Be Your Dog Walkers?

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Pet care is a growing industry, and we know you have lots of options when you’re looking for a dog walker.  But we’re confident you won’t find a better service anywhere, and that Critter Sitters is the perfect fit for you and your furry family member. So what makes Critter Sitters stand out from the rest of the pack?  Why choose us to handle all of your dog walking needs? We’re glad you asked!  Here are just a few of the many advantages that come with choosing Critter Sitters to be your dog walkers:

  • Georgia trusts us.  Not only have we earned testimonials from countless satisfied clients, we’ve also earned testimonials from eight veterinary offices.  Thanks to our unwavering commitment to pet safety and health, we’re enthusiastically vet-approved.
  • We have decades of experience and make about 60,000 visits each year.  We’ve seen it all, and we know how to handle emergency situations calmly and effectively.  Plus, we’re qualified to care for special needs dogs, such as dogs who take medication or get scared around strangers.
  • We provide a free up-front meeting to go over all of your questions and talk about your pet’s needs.  We know every dog is unique, so we make sure we provide customized care to your specifications.
  • Thanks to our large, dedicated, and highly organized team of dog walkers, it’s easy to schedule a walk wherever and whenever you need us, even on short notice.  We provide unparalleled convenience for a breezy, stress-free, hassle-free experience.
  • We’ll send you updates and notifications via email, phone, or text message.  That way, you can relax knowing your pet is doing great.
  • We work in unbranded clothing so that we don’t advertise your absence from home.  By working in plain clothing, we keep your absence discreet so that your home stays more secure.
  • If you choose to take advantage of our special “Key Client” feature, we’ll make a secure copy of your key for quick access anytime you need to change your plans unexpectedly.

What Do You Charge for Your Buckhead Dog Walking Service?

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New clients are always pleasantly surprised to discover just how affordable dog walking can be.  At Critter Sitters, we charge a modest rate of just $17 for each walk, which lasts approximately 20 minutes. “But wait,” you may be thinking, “I have two dogs.  Does that mean it’s going to cost me $34 per session?” Try $20 instead!  We only charge $3 for each additional dog after the first dog, which means you’ll enjoy a huge discount if you have more than one pet.  For quick reference, see our handy price list below.

  • 1 walk, 1 dog – $17  
  • 1 walk, 2 dogs – $20  
  • 1 walk, 3 dogs – $23 
  • 1 walk, 4 dogs – $26 
  • 2 walks, 1 dog – $34 
  • 2 walks, 2 dogs – $40 
  • 2 walks, 3 dogs – $46 
  • 2 walks, 4 dogs – $52 
  • 3 walks, 1 dog – $51 
  • 3 walks, 2 dogs – $60 
  • 3 walks, 3 dogs – $69 
  • 3 walks, 4 dogs – $78 

Didn’t find what you were looking for in the examples listed above?  Not a problem – you can use the simple pricing calculator on our “Services & Rates” page to instantly figure out exactly what you would pay.  And of course, we’re always happy to chat and answer your questions in person or over the phone.  You can also use our online contact form by clicking on the “Contact” link above.

Book a Professional Dog Walker in Buckhead, Georgia Today

Do you need to hire a Buckhead dog walker at the very last minute?  Or maybe you have some holiday travel on the horizon that you need to plan around?  Or perhaps you’d like to learn a bit more about the services we provide for pet owners in Buckhead?  Whatever you need assistance with, we’re more than happy to help. When you call our office, you’ll be connected with Carol, our friendly Manager of Customer Relations, who can answer your questions and schedule you for a free consultation.  Just pick up the phone and call (404) 973-2541 to get started, or use our online contact form.

Use the easy calculator to figure out your own costs. It's very reasonable for 1 pet, and a real bargain for 2 or more!
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