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You would do anything for your dog – but you can’t always control your schedule.  But don’t worry: whenever life whisks you off on a business trip, vacation, or simply a busy day full of errands, you can count on Critter Sitters to provide high-quality, low-price dog sitting services in East Point, Georgia and beyond. 

At Critter Sitters, our dedicated team of professional pet care providers draws upon more than 40 years of experience caring for tens of thousands of dogs and puppies of all breeds and ages.  Whether you have a hyperactive puppy, a pooch who’s a bit of a couch potato, an athlete who’s always ready to play, an elderly dog with a disability, or a shelter rescue who’s still a little shy or nervous around people, Critter Sitters has the dedication, skill, knowledge, and experience to supply dependable care whenever and wherever you need us.   

Whether you’re an existing client who needs to book a sitter ASAP, a new client who’d like to schedule a free consultation, or simply a curious dog owner who’d like to learn more about the dog and puppy sitting services our Georgia pet care company provides, give us a call at (404) 973-2541 to get started.  

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If you’ve never hired a pet sitter before, you might be wondering whether you should choose in-home pet care or a boarding facility, like a kennel or doggie day care.  While we might be a little biased, we think there are at least three major reasons why in-home pet care is the better option:  

  • Boarding increases the risk that your dog or puppy will be exposed to fleas, ticks, parvovirus, rabies, parasites, bite wounds, scratch wounds, and ringworm.  Staying at home in a familiar environment with familiar foods, sounds, and smells is safer, gentler, and less stressful on your dog.  (Plus, there’s a lower chance of expensive vet bills.)  
  • Boarding is less convenient and more of a hassle than hiring a pet sitter to come directly to your home.  Are you really up for vacuuming all that smelly dog hair out of your car after a long day in airports and train stations?  
  • At-home pet care is about the same price as boarding, with none of the associated health risks or transportation inconveniences.  In fact, you’re likely to notice big savings if you have more than one dog, since we offer hugely reduced rates for multiple pets.  

In addition to these benefits in-home pet care has over boarding at a doggy day care facility, Critter Sitters also provides clients with some extra perks and bonuses:  

  • We have decades of experience serving tens of thousands of clients, so you know that your dog or puppy will be in caring, capable, and knowledgeable hands.  
  • Our services have been recommended by over half a dozen veterinary offices.  
  • Our affordable prices fit every budget.  
  • We offer an optional “Key Client” feature that allows us to drop by your home, condo, or apartment safely and securely on extremely short notice.  Even if you choose not to take advantage of this great feature, you’ll still enjoy the benefit of flexible scheduling that accommodates just about every schedule, including holidays, early mornings, late nights, and weekends.  
  • We work in unbranded, logo-free clothing so that your absence stays discreet and your home stays secure.  

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Pet Nanny from Critter Sitters? 

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Who says professional dog sitters are supposed to charge an arm and a leg?  At Critters, we don’t think that premium pet sitting should break the bank – and that belief is reflected in our low, economical prices.   

Instead of trapping you into a bloated contract, or forcing you to choose between service packages that are full of extra fees for “add-on features” you don’t actually need, we keep it clean and simple by charging a low, flat rate of only $19 for each dog sitting session, which lasts for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.  Each additional dog is just $3, and each additional cat, bird, hamster, mouse, or other non-canine pet is just $2.   

Each session includes a walk (for dogs) and a litter box cleaning (for cats), not to mention some playtime and socializing.  Plus, in addition to taking care of your animals, we’ll also:  

  • Bring your mail inside  
  • Send you updates on how your dog is doing, via your preferred method of communication 
  • Turn your lights on and off  
  • Water your plants 

Typically speaking, we recommend at least two visits per day while you are away from home.  However, some clients prefer to schedule three or four daily visits.  We’ll sit down with you to talk about your dog care needs in detail, so that you can determine the perfect level of pet care.  And, if your schedule changes in the future, it’s easy to make adjustments to the level of service you require.   

East Point Dog Sitting Business Providing In-Home Pet Care for Puppies 

Whether you’d like to learn more information about the dog and puppy sitting services Critter Sitters provides in East Point, or you’re already ready to book an East Point dog sitter right away, we’re here to help you get started.  Carol, our friendly and helpful Manager of Customer Relations, is waiting to assist you when you call.  To talk about dog sitting in East Point by Critter Sitters, contact us at (404) 973-2541 today.  

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