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No matter how tightly you schedule your plans, you can’t always predict where life will take you.  You never know when you might need to leave town for a business trip, head out of state for a family emergency, or simply have to shuffle around your work meetings.  But that’s no problem – you don’t need a crystal ball to ensure high-quality care for your pooch.  All you need is an experienced Marietta dog sitter from Critter Sitters.

If you have any questions at all about the benefits of dog sitting or the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (404) 973-2541.  We want all of our clients to feel absolutely confident their pet will be in great hands, and we’re more than happy to clarify any points you’d like to go over.  Armed with decades of experience sitting dozens of different breeds, our devoted dog sitters are committed to providing premium service – without the premium pricing.  Rain or shine, count on Critter Sitters to be there where and when you need us.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Pet Sitter Instead of Boarding at a Kennel

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When you’re going away and need someone to look after your pet, you have two basic options to choose between: you can hire a sitter to visit your home, or you can board your dog at a kennel.  Obviously we’re a little biased about which is the better option, but our opinions are supported by some important facts we hope you’ll consider when making your choice.  There are numerous benefits to hiring an in-home pet sitter instead of boarding your dog while you’re gone.  Here at least four reasons why dog sitting is the superior option:

  1. Your pet will be happier. Dogs need mental stimulation, but they’re also creatures of habit.  When you disrupt their normal routine and place them into an alien environment, it can create major stress and anxiety, particularly for senior dogs or dogs with specific medical needs.
  2. Your pet will be healthier. Kennels cram dozens of dogs into close quarters.  Under those conditions, it’s extremely easy for viruses, bacteria, and parasites to spread from one animal to the next.  Fleas are just a short cage-hop away, not to mention a host of other dangerous conditions like canine distemper, canine flu, parvovirus, heartworm, and tick-borne illnesses. One is so prominent it even has the word “kennel” in its name: kennel cough, a canine respiratory infection caused by the bacterium Bordetella bronchiseptica.
  3. Your pet gets more care and attention. Kennels are extremely crowded, especially during the holiday season, and there’s only so much time and energy the staff can realistically devote to your pooch.  When you choose a dog sitter in Marietta, Georgia instead, you ensure your pet gets pampered with one-on-one personal attention.  Not only does that keep your dog happier and more engaged, it also means any problems or emergencies get caught right away instead of going unnoticed by busy, distracted kennel employees.
  4. You (and your pet) get more bang for your buck. Thanks to our economical rates (which are explained below in detail), the cost of hiring a dog sitter to come to to your home twice per day is roughly equivalent to the cost of boarding at a kennel.  For about the same price, you avoid all the risks and downsides associated with boarding.

Rates and Pricing for Professional Dog Sitting Services in Marietta, Georgia

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Still not 100% convinced that pet sitting is the way to go?  Maybe our affordable fee structure will help change your mind.  If you’re tired of getting ripped off by kennels that provide minimum care for the maximum price, Critter Sitters is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Not only do we keep our rates affordable, we also keep them simple.  Your hectic schedule is stressful enough – you don’t need the extra hassle of sorting through complicated pricing plans, and you certainly don’t need the unpleasant surprise of hidden fees for “extra services.”  We don’t try to sneak any additional fees into our pricing plan, so you always know exactly what you’re getting up front. 

Here’s what we charge for each 20- to 30-minute sitting session:

  • $19 for the first dog
  • $3 for each additional dog

If you have multiple dogs, here’s how our pricing would work out for you:

  • 2 Dogs – $22 ($19 plus $3)
  • 3 Dogs – $25 ($19 plus $6)
  • 4 Dogs – $28 ($19 plus $9)

Have dogs and cats (or maybe some lizards or fish)?  Not a problem.  It’s just an additional $2 for each pet that isn’t a dog, so one sitting session for a dog and a cat (or other type of pet) would cost you just $21. We’re also happy to switch your lights on and off, bring your mail inside, and water your houseplants while we’re visiting.

Call Critter Sitters at (404) 973-2541 and find out why we’ve grown into the largest pet sitting company in the Atlanta area.  Carol, our Manager of Customer Relations, will help answer your questions and set up a consultation to go over your dog sitting needs.

Use the easy calculator to figure out your own costs. It's very reasonable for 1 pet, and a real bargain for 2 or more!
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